Chef’s Set — € 35.00

Pumpkin cream soup

with fried porcini and grated Parmesan cheese

Fish Symphony

tuna, salmon and tiger prawn wrapped in nori with soya-honey sauce

Cress salad with prosciutto

with micro-greens, toasts with goat cheese,
persimmons and dressing based on 12 year old balsamic vinegar and olive oil

Salmon tartar

with homemade cheese-potato chips and spicy avocado and chili paste



in seafood reduction sauce with wild rice and fried spinach

Pineapple ravioli

with mascarpone and fresh berries

This is one of the possible set samples. The availability of menu items can vary depending on the season! Please, ask your waiter for the actual set or contact us by phone + 371 67 491 212