Homemade dumplings

€ 7.00 / 13.00
with game meat

Classic Beef Wellington

€ 12.90
beef fillet, mushrooms, Parma ham and puff pastry roll

Slow-cooked bull cheek

€ 12.95
with potato-celery puree, truffle oil and Recioto sauce

Trio of Latvian beef tenderloin steak from farm Ošmalas

€ 25.80
(tiger prawn, foie gras, Camembert cheese) with rosemary garlic confit potatoes, celery mousse, and port-wine sauce

Beef fillet steak

€ 12.95
with “Soira” soft cheese, garlic-rosemary confit potato and black girolle jam

Corn chicken fillet

€ 10.45
with pumpkin and apples glazed in honey with cowberry-wine sauce

Beef stroganoff

€ 9.90 / 18.90
with pickles, garlic-potato puree and parmesan, porcini powder

Lamb rump steak

€ 10.90
served on potato goat-cheese croquettes with garlic-rosemary sauce

The availability of menu items can vary depending on the season!